Nutrition Label - Proposed Changes

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Source: FDA's web site


Explanation of the proposed changes to the nutrition label in food products.

FDA wants to update the look and content of the Nutrition Facts Label to better help consumers make informed food choices and follow healthy dietary practices. The proposed changes include: a) a refreshed design, b) an updated "serving sizes" and "new package labeling requirements" and, c) the listing of "added sugars" and other changes based on nutrition science.

The FDA's web page states "A lot has changed in the American diet since the Nutrition Facts label was introduced in 1993 to provide important nutritional information on food packages. People are eating larger serving sizes. Rates of obesity, heart disease and stroke remain high. More is known about the relationship between nutrients and the risk of chronic diseases."

Summary of proposed changes:

  • A greater emphasis—with larger and bolder type—on calories.
  • Added sugars would be included on the label.
  • Calories from fat would no longer be listed. Total, saturated and trans fat will still be required.
  • The number of servings per package would also be more prominent. "Amount Per Serving" would now have the actual serving size listed, such as "Amount per cup".
  • Updating serving size requirements. By law, serving sizes must be based on what people actually eat, not on what they "should" be eating.
  • Update Daily Values for various nutrients and the %DV would be shifted to the left of the label.
  • If present, the amounts of potassium and Vitamin D would be required on the label and, no longer require the labeling of Vitamins A and C.


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