We have personnel trained on performing audits. What type of audits we do? Some of our personnel work as contractors for several certification bodies for third party audits of GFSI’s recognized Standards but, we can also audit your suppliers and report to you, or audit your system so you can provide the report to your customers.


Third party: Certification bodies contract auditors

We have personnel certified with the most common Standards to perform third party audits based on GFSI


Internal Audits: Auditing your program as a contract service provider

We can perform the internal audit of your food safety system and this is quite appreciated by our clients due to these reasons: 1) the Standards request that un-biased personnel perform the audits and there is nothing more un-biased as a third party service provider; 2) because we do many third party audits, our personnel is up-to-date on the requirements of the Standards; 3) Your will have more time to dedicate to other areas of your food safety system.


Second party: Suppliers’ audit / Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSMA)

We can go anywhere, yes…internationally too! We have been hired to go to many Asian contries like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Phillipines. We have been in several countries in Central and South America like Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and, in Chile we have been in the southern most town of the world, Puerto Williams, working in the validation of the cooking and pasteurization of Centolla and Centollon (crab). We have clients in Italy and Spain and we have been in African countries like Senegal and Morocco, consulting and training in HACCP and auditing US Suppliers.

In those cases where you are an importer of food and beverage products, you are required by law to assure your suppliers comply with local and USA food legislation, like the Preventive Controls for Human Food or the Preventive Controls for Animal Food; you will be an FSVP importer. Are you sure the GMPs are being followed? Is their HACCP System/Food Safety System properly developed, implemented and validated? Are the hazards likely to occur identified? Is staff trained? What other products are processed at the same facility or processing rooms? Are there any allergens? There are many other questions you may have.

Do you have your own audit template? Great! We’ll use it however, if you do not have one, we can also help you developing it and the audit checklist applicable to your requirements, and use it to audit your suppliers.


Second party: Customers requested audit

Do you need to prove to your customer that you are following all applicable laws? We can work with you and your customers to determine what are their requirements, develop an audit checklist and audit your program.

Don't wait until the FDA inspector knocks at your door to check compliance, call us and we'll work with you...


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