The HACCP Team

What is the HACCP Team

Basically, anyone looking to implement a HACCP Program must first go through the five preliminary steps. For this discussion, we are going to talk about the HACCP Team.

The first step is to assemble a HACCP Team. The HACCP Team must be integrated by people that are knowledgeable of the process(es) performed and the product(s) manufactured. All members of the Team must be trained in the HACCP method, specially the HACCP Team Leader or HACCP Coordinator.

But why all members must understand the HACCP method?

When someone takes a training on HACCP, the basic information on how the HACCP method works and the definitions of hazards and risk are explained. The definition of a "Critical Control Point" (CCP), critical limit, what is a deviation?, corrective actions, verification and validation must be fully understood by the team members.

What happen when I'm auditing? I verify that the HACCP Coordinator/HACCP Team Leader has formal training and, that this training was examinable to determine basic understanding of the methodology. What is the expectative for the other team members? They must understand the HACCP method too! how can they cooperate in the development of the HACCP Program if they don't understand what is a hazard analysis, what is a hazard and which are its risks? All members of the HACCP Team must fully understand the basic concepts of the HACCP method!

Who else must have an understanding of the HACCP method? Monitors of CCPs and anyone responsible for verification of any area of the HACCP Program. What is your opinion about an employee that is a monitor of a CCP and does not know what is a deviation, does not know what is the critical limit or which are the parameters that are monitored and why?

Training on HACCP and verification of understanding of the training is of critical importance for the proper implementation of a HACCP Program.

What is your experience in assembling the HACCP Team?


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